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Originally posted by VooDooMafia
No if you were passing by an area that had a bylaw and you were pulled over they would not take your animals as they do not reside in that township.

Also (I could be wrong but this is what I thought). I bylaw is not enforced untill there is a complaint. I have had animals that wre against bylaw but never had them taken away even though they knew about them. I asume this was cause there was never a complaint made about the animals or I was just lucky.
actually when passing through an area you are subject to it's laws whether you are a resident or not. And a by-law doesn't need a complaint to be made to be enforced.

As for superpet, it's not the first time a petstore has sold animals banned in an area, it won't be the last. sometimes it's through ignorance other times it's from indifference. Also geckos have been legal since 95 and many colubrids are not prohibited.
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