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Originally posted by thegeckoteam
They are then violating your rights as an American.

Aidan has absolutely NO rights as an American cause he's in Canada.

For curiousity sake I wrote the clerk at the oakville town hall for a copy of the by-laws.

I received a copy of the by-laws today and it doesn't look good for herpers of oakville.

Here are some of the things that are banned in the 1976 version of the law (I'm sure correct terminoligy is not an issue here), my comments are in brackets

Banana spiders
bird spiders
various beetles (didn't feel like typing them all out)
Giant Centipedes (How do we define giant? size of my car or the size of my hand?)
Giant Millipedes (these creep me out at any size)
Geckos (gotta watch out for those dangerous man eating geckos)
Poison-Arrow Frogs (they might be used by a tribe of canibals)
Giant Salamanders
Marine Toad
Lionfish aka turkeyfish (they might escape and run the jungles of oakville)
Marine Turtles
Alligator Snapping Turtles
Gian Tortoises (who knows, they might stampede down main street)
Indago Snake (not to be confused with the Indigo Snake)
Poisonous Colubrid Snakes (gotta watch out for those vicious hognose)
Rattle Snakes
Coral Snakes

you have the standard mammals banned such as Rhinoceroses, Syrian Wild ***, Elephants, Walruses, Sealions, Whales, non domesticated cats and Giraffes...

also included are;
Marsupials (such as sugar gliders, gambian pouched rats etc)
Prairie dogs

Now in 1995 the by-law was amended to strike geckos and iguanas from the list.

It looks like they missed cobras and mambas but they did single out corals (elapids). so you can keep your king cobras, but not have your rosy and soloman island ground boas.

I would suggest parties that live in oakville organise and get the bylaws rewritten to something like the by laws of toronto. I know they're not perfect but they're better then what oakville has.

If anyone wants a copy of the oakville by-laws email me at (other methods of request will be ignored).
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