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Yea someone very recently, right after the post, sent me an article to introduce me into how the hosting and everything intro into the webdesign area..and in the article it explained how all frontpage is, is a way to get people to only use microsoft products and will further help bill take over everything!

I have dreamweaver so im going to use that. For my first couple pages im going to use plain ol' html so that i can get the hang of also going to pick up webdesign for dummies, which offers dreamweaver, flash, html, xhtml, etc. So i think after that read ill be on my way I guess ill have to make my site for now a so so one, and later begin really getting into it and editing everything.

I have 2 months free from school so I shoudl pick it up very quickly Ill keep you all updated if the newer page opens up. I will also be getting a paid site soon so the bandwidth lasts more then 2 seconds...
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