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<< The by-law commissioner said that if a good number of us more educated members in herpology and exotic pets were to organize and plead our case, there is no reason why many exotic animals would remain banned in areas. >>

*** This is an excellent idea. We are all concerned with the bylaws that are being passed, many times without public knowledge. I'm not sure about other areas, but there have been several bylaws passed in the Lower Mainland of B.C. that were sort of "snuck" in or passed without much opposition.
Perhaps herpers who live close to each other can get together and perhaps approach their local city council BEFORE these laws get passed and maybe help them to create bylaws that are REASONABLE. There is one bylaw now for New Westminster, B.C. that says all "venomous pythons" are illegal! This is utterly rediculous!
Bylaws restricting "exotic" animals are being passed more and more often and many times these laws are drafted by uneducated people who really have NO idea what they are talking about. Perhaps with some education and diplomacy, we can start getting these laws changed or put reasonable bylaws into effect that actually make sense and are beneficial to BOTH the herpers and the general public.
Anyways... that's my two cents... LOL
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