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Daytona "drawing" notice

O.K. it's getting close to show time again.
Each year since joining sSnakeSs I have had a little "drawing" of sorts where I ask all the members who plan on attending The Expo in Daytona to get their names to me here.
I will take all the names and "put them in a hat" then draw one "winner" from the US and another from Canada and abroad.
Nothing of great monetary worth, the "winners" will most likely get a hatchling (or pair if I'm feeling!) corn or king snake. That will be determined later depending on what hatches for me.
Anyway, if you are planning to attend, put your names here by posting a reply and even if you don't want to be a part of this, please come by my table #393 and introduce yourselves. That's what this is really about anyway.
Hope to see more of you this year!
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