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Hey everyone,

Thank you very much for your concern. I recently spoke with the by-law commissioner about the matter. I was able to argue myself out of a $200.00 fine.

I explained the nature of the animals (roseys, emps, cornsnake) and the fact they are never used to threaten or harm anyone, they are almost always in my room, and they are within escape proof enclosures.

He said that in order to not recieve a fine I would need to remove them from theh property. Well, I am moving to Toronto on sunday, so there is no problem there. The animals will not be in the house anymore (that house at least).

The by-law commissioner said that if a good number of us more educated members in herpology and exotic pets were to organize and plead our case, there is no reason why many exotic animals would remain banned in areas.

Thank you everyone for your concern and your help, it is much appreciated.

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