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What a great story Minnow......I've always heard such great things about "Scales" and it's nice to hear the background! It's late and I may not have got my point across, but Emily explained it very well.

Research is the key to buying any animal, no matter the cost. My point is that all of the "cheap animals" (and I hate using that phase) that are purchased deserve the same amount of care and commitment that the more expensive ones do. If we sell one of our Normal dragons retail at $50 and a high colour morph dragon for $250........does that mean that the $50 animal is any less deserving? We don't think so.

I believe that allowing a child to research a purchase and decide upon a repile can be a wonderful learning experience. It doesn't have to be long as it's healthy and everything it needs is provided. It's sad hearing people say, "I only paid x amount of dollars so why would I take it to the vet and pay all that money to make it better when I can just go buy another one for less".

Bringing color to your collection.....
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