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Most times Emily, I tell people that no matter what animal they are buying to go directly to a breeder and not a petstore. This is because there's a lot of stores out there that don't have staff like you

It's nice to see someone who gives their customers actual "customer service" and not just try and grab a quick sale. I commend you on that and wish there were more like you. We have a very short list of stores that we will refer our customers to....PCPC, Reptile Wrangler etc. It's always nice to find another!

As for "cheap animals".....our normal dragons get the same care and treatment as our high colour morphs. I wouldn't hesitate to spend as much as necessary on one of our normal breeders just because they are not "worth" as much. To us.....they are all worth every penny they may cost.

Bringing color to your collection.....
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