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I had a blast too! We got there around 10:30 I think, and left just before noon. Great show! Didn't manage to find the girlfriend of my carrot tail leo's dreams unfortunately, but I DID come home with one of Paul's absolutely gorgeous balls (tee hee )... Ball Pythons that is I'll be posting brag pics in the Python Regius forum as soon as I'm done typing... hehe...
And of course bought some food too Fuzzies *shudders -- this is going to take some getting used to -- for my BP, and some supers for all my leos...

I'm going to miss these shows!! I'm going to do my best to organize something out west when I get out there, we'll see how things go Wish me luck -- I wish I was going to be around long enough to go to the November show -- it should be awesome!
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