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well...I'm back from the show
I was there from 11-1:30

I saw Andrew from Mice4You, Scotty (of course! no swan song after all), Cindy (ReptileWoman), Darren Hamill, the Gillards, Woodland Herps (I regret not getting that pretty, kinky, lemon yellow male), High Quality, even met Roy finally.

It was great.
I got my pinkies, my silkworms, superworms and....
I got a normal corn snake from Jeff...?
Scotty, Darren, can you tell me...Jeff who?
He had a table between Scotty and the Gillards.

Had a laugh with Paul and Lorraine over Paul's nice balls.

I almost got away with swiping Scotty's rosy boa...wait a minute...that sounds kinda dirty.

Anyway, it was fun (as always) and I got to meet some really nice people who I look forward to see at the next Nov.

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