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i guess i'm just one of the few honest salespeople. i may lose a few sales for being honest, but i feel better about selling when i tell the truth.
i had one couple come in bent on an iguana because i'm sure its the only reptile they've ever seen as a pet. i asked them why they wanted one and they said 'because they're so friendly'. little did they know, most iguanas aren't (i know there are exceptions, this is just my findings), they're usually territorial, an unmanagable size when full grown and can be aggressive, especially during mating season. needless to say, not the best pet for the beginner. so i told them about bearded dragons, and they bought one. they came back every week or two to show me when picking up crickets for their dragon. they told me funny stories and cute things he did. they were absolutely IN LOVE with this lizard. i started working at another petstore (the one i work at now) and they saw me there. they said they were so glad i worked there that day because they had asked my old boss where i worked. they said they wanted another bearded dragon but would only buy it from me. so they bought another one and came back the next week and told me they had named it after me, *grin*.
that is my favourite thing that has ever happened to me at work. and it proves that you don't have to lie to sell. i have a ton of people who refer to me after talking to another salesperson even at my own store. and there are some people who won't even buy crickets or worms from my co-workers. most of my customers even know me by name, and i've never blatently lied to anyone to sell something. i treat most of my customers as friends, and not as walking wallets.
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