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i realized that after i wrote it, M_surinamensis, i should probubly change that. i remember dragoon telling me all the mislabelled tarantulas in the tarantula book. i'd say for the most part i usually tell people to start with a book OR the internet (i agree, dont stick to just one source). i even print out fact sheets that sound pretty good for those people that dont want to buy the book, or if there are no books available about that animal.
and snakehunter, it really warms my heart to see a setup like that, its absolutely gorgeous!
mettle, when it comes to telling people animal sizes, salespeople are usually wrong. before i started working at the petstore, they were selling spectacled caimans as animals that get no larger than 3-6 ft. sometimes i am wrong, but if i have any doubt, most of the time i will take a second to find something on the internet about that animals size (or rarely, ask if any of the other staff knows).
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