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I think it's unfortunate that animals fall into the hands of people that are unable or unwilling to care for them as they age and grow.

How far we go to "save" a sick animal is a subject that is wide open to debate. Should the owner of a $50 corn snake be expected to spend $50 on vet care should the animal need it? I think a lot of people would say yes. How about $500 on the same snake? Or $5000? It's a question of where you draw the line economically and how long you're willing to prolong the agony of an animal that is dying anyway...

There is an analogous debate in Canada when it comes to the subject of health care. Everyone is entitled to stitches if they need them but is everyone entitled to an artificial heart or the latest super-expensive treatment? Does it make a difference if the person is 6 years old or 86 years? They're all hard questions.
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