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No one can ever really blame the sales people or store unless they've blatently lied, because the fact of the matter is that no one has forced you to buy that animal instead of going home and researching before purchasing.
When I was first getting into snakes I was told that the BCI they had would get no more than four feet long 'guaranteed'. I asked what type of guarantee that was, whether if in a couple years it grew bigger than that and I still had my receipt, if I could return it for a full refund... The salesperson looked at me like I was crazy. Their reply was, 'Do you really keep receipts for that long?' Uh, yeah, nice explanation.

Also as an after thought, if you're not willing to spend a couple more bucks for the animal you want, or that it's out of your budget for the tamer one, just don't get one at all.
Great point. When you 'settle' for an animal, one that's 'not as good' in your eyes for whatever reason, there's also the chance you will not enjoy it and will even possibly resent it for being substandard. I've seen this happen not only with reptiles but also with dogs and cats. Someone wants a pure bred whatever and instead picks up a mutt at the humane society. Could've been a great dog, but they find flaws in it, and it's because it's a mutt.

I actually was willing to spend more to get the snake that I got as my first. And I have no regrets.

over all, I also wanted to say this was a good read. I will most definitely be passing it along and will be crediting you as the author and as the place it originated from. Thanks for the enjoyable read.
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