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Didn't see the link the 1st time...

A few thoughts:

Their study with the slide show... I would like to see some slides with just the general shapes of snakes/spiders added... maybe the eye is just attracted to those shapes, the same way it's attracted to the colors red and yellow.

Faster reaction time indicates awareness, not fear. Also, if they did the same thing with dog pictures and someone who's afraid of dogs, they'd pick out the dogs faster. Maybe they should try dog images with non-phobic people and see if they see the flowers or the dogs faster... maybe we're predisposed to fear dogs too. Or gee, maybe we just pic out images of other animals over plants.

Evolution doesn't favor the retention of useless traits. I think any evolutionary tendancy to fear snakes would have died out by now. Plenty of 'lower' mammals have no fear of snakes because there aren't any in their present environment... meaning the snake fear (if there was such a thing) has died out because it's no longer useful. For the most part, humans haven't been of snake food size for a -long- time... if it could have died out in 'lower' animals, which may have been preyed on by snakes much more recently than people, then why would it hold on in us?

And finally... EARLY MAMMALS EVOLVED BEFORE SNAKES! The fist mammals showed up about 210 million years ago. The oldest snake is from 130 million years ago. (not to say a fear couldn't have come up in that time... but really, they should get their facts right... pick up an evolutionary geology text or something). So, shouldn't we technically be more afraid of lizards? They've been around longer after all...

various cornsnakes, 0.1 black pine snake, 1.0 uromastyx geyri, etc.

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