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i don't really care that they DO spend the money, it just bothers me that they're not willing to on the pet in general. if you can do it cheaper without sacrificing what it needs, thats awesome! but if you're not thinking of that animals as worth spending the money on, then it'll never get to a vet if it eventually needs to. i remember one lady's bearded was sick, and she brought it in to ask us what was wrong. i asked her why she hadn't brought it into the vet and she said her husband wouldn't let her waste their money because it only cost $50, and the vet bill would be twice that. he figured if it died, they'd just buy a new one and it'd still cost less than going to the vet. i tried to help diagnose it and even offered to take it in so i could take care of it, she refused (saying she didnt want to lose the money on it by giving it to me, even if it would save it's life). i told her that i refuse to sell her another one when that one died.
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