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Well, I agree that people who aren't willing to put money into their herps shouldn't keep them at all.

However, I just wanted to mention that putting more money into herps doesn't necessarily result in better care either. Many people setup their herps in expensive, visually appealing enclosures without meeting any of the herps' real needs.

Information is definitely the key... however, articles like yours tend to mostly be read by people who are already aware of these things. The totally ignorant customer who would benefit most from your article are too unaware to come across an article like this in the first place.

I think in the long run, the only way an article like yours will reach the people it is most intended for is if pet store owners enforce policies to educate their customers before making a sale. Obviously, some pet stores eager to make sales and cut costs aren't going to bother, but there are the few who will. The pet store I go to for instance has this sales policy:

I think as knowledgable herp owners, one thing we can do is make that extra effort to support the good pet stores out there. I have a Petcetera a few blocks away from me, but I always make a point to buy from the pet store above instead.
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