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I just want to thank all the great Vendors and people who took the time to come to our first annual show. It was truly a success in every sense of the word. We had a great turn out all weekend long.

We will be having this show next year as it is already booked and we will be improving it in little ways.

Hey Ryan.. I just provided lunch. Not dinner :-) and dont start trouble.. theres no competition ;-)

Anyway I personally want to thank Leona for helping me at the door .. I couldnt have done it without you girl! Your Awesome!!

Thanks to Everyone who helped clean up and put away tables and chairs you guys ROCK!!

Thanks to Jason for all his support and money couldnt have done it without you!

and Lastly special thanks to my signifiant other who got up so early in the morning to drag us down to the TV and Radio Stations and talk to the people about the show.. Henry you are the best .. (the best part of the whole experience was seeing Henry squirm when the City TV Girls called him the Canadian Crocodile Hunter ) it was priceless!!!

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