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thats exactly my point, (i'm using these two examples because i seem to constantly have a noise problem with these two no matter where i live) people think that if they have a dog or a kid that it can make as much noise and trouble as it wants. yet, the same people that have them tell me i shouldn't be allowed to own a cornsnake that sits in an aquarium quietly? thats not fair at all....
and people are allowed to walk their dogs... how do i know that i'm not going to be that one person that the dog decides to attack? it happens all of the time, my fears are a lot more real than that of people who think a cornsnake, a rose hair tarantula or a bearded dragon are going to cause serious harm to someone. we are expected to have our reptiles and arachnids under lock and key all of the time, and yet dogs kill a huge amount more people in a single year than any captive snake or arachnid EVER has. they have no facts to their fears. seeing pictures of dog attacks, i'm much more afraid of dogs than snakes or arachnids (even the venomous ones). take border collies, their known for their herding instict and for biting ( as they do with sheep to assist in herding). and there have been cases where the dog is put down because of repeated attempts to 'herd' children by biting them. why are people with children allowed to have these dogs if their known to do this? and why do dogs get second chances when i'm sure if a herp with the same bite power as a dog bit a kid it'd be all over the news.
if you're so scared of snakes and spiders, why not try to educate yourself incase your fear is unjustified, thats what i did. otherwise leave people to their thing. i used to be terrified of snakes, spiders, lizards but i never tried to get them banned or taken away from their owners. all it takes is to read a book. dont get me wrong though, i realize there are phobias and completely justified fears, like having been bit before. and i know its natural to have a healthy fear of these animals, but to come up to me and say "eww, isn't it going to bite you??" when i'm holding a bearded dragon openly on my shoulder, thats stupid, if i'm holding it confidently without restraining it, chances are its not completely viscious and evil, use some common sense. sorry for ranting but uneducated peoples fears are starting to concern me less and less.
Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from a religious conviction.
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