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WOO!! Good show, great show. Worth the trip from Kamloops. I got a nice fire crestie from Beth Wallbank, pictuses from Geckoguy and Tim/Julie B, and a het for who-knows-what leopard gecko also from Geckoguy (Braydon). And some feeders from Walter. I gotta say, good quality on animals and also to Walter, I've never seen such plump and juicy, healthy looking superworms in 4 years.

Lots of cool stuff there including Jackson's chameleons, humungous tinctorius arrow frogs, and some nice ETPs, lots of cool geckos too.

Good stuff.
1.1 Veiled Chameleons : 1.1 Crested Gecko : 0.1 Pictus Geckos (looking to trade or sell $25) : 1.0 normal leopard gecko - 0.1 tang 100% het bliz leo - 0.2 bliz leos (All leopards for sale/trade) : 1.0 Leucisitc Texas Ratsnake (Looking to trade for Crestie or pygmy chams)
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