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Yup. Sounds like a pretty useless test to me. I'd agree that we might spot things we fear faster, but so? What about the poisonous plants, or the hunderds of other dangerous animals. Would we spot them as fast?

I think that fears like that are either learned, or are an individual thing. Some kids are affraid of dogs even though their parents might not be, or vice versa. My brother was affraid of mascotts! I am trying to allow my kids to decide for them selves if they like bugs and such. Just because I can't stand spiders, beetles, crickets, moths, grasshoppers and etc, that's no reason for me to inflict the same curse on them. Life, especially camping, would be a lot easier if bugs didn't bug me (what a wimp, eh?).

Sorry for going on, but that's just my opinion.
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