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Mmm... I went on Saturday and really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, the friend that I brought along who drove had to go early, so I didn't get to stay very long. I did enjoy meeting Henry Piorun, Annie. B, and Walter Pacholko (who I bought a nice little baby Sav from). I talked to a lot of other people too as I made a round of the place, but am just clueluess who they were! All the monitor lizards were making me drool, LOL. I just wish there had been red ackies there as well. It was also my first time seeing GTP's in the flesh and they're even nicer than I thought!!!

Anyway, great show, I just wish I had more time there. I could have easily spent 3x as long oogling all the great herps!!! Next time I'm taking my own car :P
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