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Originally posted by mykee
Though there may be millions of cornsnakes here in Canda, they are still not indigenous. This is also a perfect example of "don't ask, don't tell". Why have your reptiles where nosy neighbours who'll cause a stink about them, BYLAWS or not?! Just not common sense people. You quoted the "Government of Canada" as your by-law source. Each municipality is responsible for their own bylays, make ABSOLUTELY sure you're not the one "opening their mouths about something they know nothing about." Furthermore, I own reptiles myself, but IMO that kid/dog comment was just ignorant.
One... Poodles are not indeginous to Canada but are still owned by a lot of people.

Two... You don't live where I live. If you did, the comment about the kids would NOT have seemed ignorant to you. Try living next to a house where the grandparents invite the kids over not just on weekends, but EVERY nice day and let them scream their heads off for hours on end, unsupervised in the back yard. I can hear them clearly IN MY HOUSE with the windows all closed. Thank god I have central air. And we've even politely asked them to keep noise levels down... Doesn't help.
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