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You know how many reactions of "Oh my god it's a tarantula." or, "Don't touch it, it can kill you." after this picture was taken?

There was fascination from many, but also some exhibited fear. I actually was talking with some police officers and they had no problem with it after I informed them of its low venom potency. The fact that no one has ever died from a tarantula added to this.

The same happened with a cornsnake of mine on lakeshore, where a group of police officers (on a boat) came up to the docks and asked about the snake. They asked its species, and if it was venomous, and after that, they wanted to pet it!!! It's not the police who care, most of them have nads of steel. It is the people who are afraid. But you know what? Unless this fear is shown by a majority population in an area the authorities will do jack all to stop you. ****, next people will try to ban everything lifestyle related *cough*homosexuals*cough*... It's stupid. If it makes you happy, and you don't hurt anyone else, go for it buddy.

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