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You know, this goes on across the country here in many collections. Personally, I feel that the 'defendants' should have looked further into there town laws concerning venomous species, but I honestly do not see anything majorly wrong on thier behalf, besides their lack of protocol and the serious nature these nakes posess. They 'at least' looked into state law concerning the captive situation of their snakes. Still aint enough.

Greff and Feist were charged Friday with reckless endangerment for putting their neighbors in danger, Burleigh County Assistant State's Attorney Julie Lawyer said. Greff is being held in the Burleigh County jail on a $500 cash bond, and an arrest warrant was issued for Feist.
As for this statement, this can be applied to any snake or animal, depending on how one looks at it. Laws are made, but do you think they are seriously considering the facts and statistics concerning them? I see the serious "reckless endangerment" as a bit obscene. There are more dangerous animal in homes today IMO, but still we look at venomous creatures as something we need to conntrol with utter mind-boggling laws.

The only thing that trully concerns me was this quote by the owner:
He said the mamba was the only snake to escape and although it moved "really quick" Greff and Feist caught it when it went under a bed. Greff said no one has been bitten by the snakes.
Take these sort of circumstances into concideration when thinking about purchasing and keeping venomous species. Although I believe that any person has the American and civil right to collect what they wish, it is still a great idea to check on city and state laws, along with understanding proper protocols when it comes to keeping such snakes in captivity. Simply living close to a hospital does not mean s*#t, to be frank. Dead is dead, and worse off you just may be in a world of trouble in several ways.
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