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Unhappy mouse in the wall

this really sucks...

the other night i heard something moving around a lot in my closet in the basement (i live in the basement) and i didn't want to open the door cause i didn't want a mouse lose in the basement with me. it was only making noises when i walkd by the door but then when i tried to go to sleep it didn't stop and i couldn't fall alseep. i went upstairs and went to sleep in the guest room.

my grandmother (i live with my grandparents) put sticky traps in the closet which made me sick because those make mice suffer, i'd rather use the ones that kills them instantly. but one time we opend the door and kept hearing the scratching noise and it wasn't in the closet so it must be in the wall, so the poor thing is trapped in the wall.

i feel really bad for it, my grandparents are trying to make me feel better by telling me its just going to die. there really isn't a way to get it out, how long will it take for the poor thing to starve?
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