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Suvivor fans? Got some interesting news about Vanuatu (not really a spoiler?)

Filming for Survivor Vanuatu started on June 28.
There's a good chance we'll see something very new this time around ... there was an earthquake in Vanuatu Friday, July 02, 2004 at 04:24:27 AM local time! The quake restistered at magnitude 5.1, not the worst kind, but definitely scarey enough. And even scarier if it's in the dark, and you're 'stranded' in a makeshift shelter in the middle of nowhere.
It could just end up with a mad scramble to rebuild their camps first thing in the morning, someplace out in the middle of a clearing far from cliffs and trees.
If there are any whimps in the group, there might be a mass exodus of quitters. Imagine of Osten Taylor had been in this one? Wonder if they'll have to keep the Quitters' Boat handy again.
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