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If you're looking for a scary movie...

Check out the trailer...

This is a movie called Ju-On.. or in English, "The Grudge." It is originally a Japanese movie by Takeshi Shimizu. I, along with Heather (Punkuponastar), have already seen the original version (yes, with subtitles and all), and I can honestly say it is the SCARIEST movie EVER. I've also seen the Grudge 2, which isn't AS scary, yet still managed to keep me awake 3 nights in a row... (no word of a lie, I was a wreck at work by the third day). Although it is kind of reminiscint of the ring (only in the overall *mood* of the film...and The Ring of which I didn't find scary), it is 350% better and creepier. A remake had been made/is being made, and will [hopefully] be released October 22nd. It stars Sarah Michelle Gellar, which kind of gave me doubts, but after seeing the trailer, I can see that Takeshi Shimizu has really kept it to the original version... meaning that in the true sense of Japanese horror, everyone suffers (which kind of sounds mean as I say it, but it's so much cooler to not always have a predictable "he's gonna live... oh she's dead..." movie).

Heather and I are really excited.. and scared...for this movie and I hope all of you go see it when it comes out. Just... for my sake and yours... don't go alone.. please..

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