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That's the biggest load of crap research I've ever read! Seriously, I don't think that spiders and snakes are a fear wired into mammal's brains. Myself as a child I was out and looking for these things instead of running from them and most children are curious and not afraid, in my opinion, fear of spiders and snakes ARE a learned thing. If I would have listened to my mom about this stuff I most likely would be afraid but I always prefered to seek them out than to be afraid like she was.

This particular study does prove one thing, that we react much quicker to something we are afraid of. Pictures of spiders and snakes amidst pictures of flowers and mushrooms (???!!!) might scare some people who have those fears and/or phobias and of course if they're afraid, they'll see them quickly and press their little clicker faster than in other circumstances. If you did the same test with me but replaced the pics of spiders and snakes with ones of big crickets and grasshoppers, trust me, I'd be seeing them VERY fast and pressing my clicker at lightning speed!!! (Yes, I have a phobia of those things) But it just proves that we can spot the things we fear faster than things we are not afraid of, that's all.

The fears of spiders and snakes are just some of the most common ones. Obviously the researcher is one of these people and surprisingly not objective in her little test.
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