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First off, what is your budget for this new pet? If your willing to invest @ $200, then I personally would get a Hog Island boa. They are beautiful and are a joy to keep. They only get around 5 or 6 feet and are quite docile. They are GREAT feeders. Mine is only a psycho only right after he eats, then he strikes at everything. Generally, you should leave any snake alone after they have just eaten! Really, any boa you get, you can't go wrong. There are only a few pythons, that I have an interest in keeping. I have a BP now, and it is quite fussy when it comes to eating. They tend to go off feed for months at a time, which can be a troublesome. I just think that a boa (BCI) is a great starter snake because it allows a new keeper to learn. They are more forgiving with husbandry than alot of other species. I'm not saying it's okay to be lazy, but when your starting off, you tend to make mistakes and forget certain things. If you get your new snake as a baby (let's say even a Colombian BCI), by the time is gets to be 7ft, you will be comfortable with keeping it.
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