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I am certainly no expert on the inner workings of the mind, and I haven't read that study yet, but I really feel that a lot of snake phobia or hatred is a learned behavior.
My reasoning:
I have taken several snakes to my sons elementry school for class show and tell. It is part of my effort to educate and try to dispel the bad rep that snakes get.
Not one time have any of the children run screaming from the room, in fact I haven't had any of the 1st or 2nd graders show any fear at all.
Teachers and staff on the other hand afford me a very wide berth as I walk to the classrooms, some even have to leave the room.
Also, all my sons friends come over and can't wait to see my babies. Not a single one is scared to come in my apt.
Parents are not as brave. One has even gone as far as to forbid his son to come over. (Sad but true)
Of course, that is my opinion, based soley upon my own personal experience, take what you want from it.
I am really interested to read others opinions on the subject.
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