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Backyard finds are never herps for me!

Well, naturally since im supposed to leave today for my vacation, we mowed the grass, and when hubby was putting the weed whacker back under the house, he found a single TEENY kitten. It cant be more than 2 weeks old. Cant walk, eyes arent open. Its deafeningly loud though.

So now, its the hubby, the kid, and a teeny tiny kitten about to take a 4 hour car trip. This should be fun....

Im going by the vet first, and he is going to look at it for me.

Even on vacation im not on vacation.... lol..

anyone else ever keep a teeny kitten? Ive only had to bottle nurse one other that was considerably larger than this one. Most of you would argue this kitten isnt a big enough meal for a baby BP.

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