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Okay, I finished reading it.

It does appear a bit unreasonable that if you are given a permit for an animal you already own, you can't dispose of that animal (i.e. sell, trade, give away) to someone outside of NY state where it could legally be possessed. As I interpret the law, that wouldn't be allowed- it can only be surrendered to the state, SPCA, etc.

Also, it is a little unnerving that regulations to be followed by licensed exhibitors, and people who had things previously, must be followed but are yet to be developed. Hard to know if it is a problem when it is not yet written! However, keeping in mind the animals in question, I think it is still way better than an outright ban, and I don't mind tough requirements for ownership of said creatures.

I do think it is unreasonable to license reptile exhibitors and then tell them they can't take the animals they're licensed for into schools. And strangely enough, this applies only to venomous snakes and boids, but not the monitors or crocs. If regulations exist to allow licensing, than the regulations should include whatever is deemed suitable to allow them into schools. Otherwise, it would follow that it is considered too dangerous for the animals to be exhibited where there are groups of kids in a controlled and disciplined setting. Why then, would it be considered safe enough to have them at the mall, or a birthday party?

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