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Reptile Ban in New York

This was fwd to me by a friend. It's from Jeff Rone.

Hello Herper,

This email is to inform you of a bill in NY that if passed will have detrimental effects on reptile breeders, commercial supply businesses and hobbyists alike. This bill has passed the assembly and the senate within New York and is currently setting on the Governors desk awaiting his signature to become law. He may sign off on it this week or may wait several months to make his decision it is imperative that we act NOW! If this bill passes they way it is currently written, it will be an all out ban on boas, pythons, monitors, crocodilians and venomous species of reptiles. There is a clause that says the state may grant permission for a permit to keep and maintain any animals listed within this bill as pets only, if you owned them prior to this bill which will take effect January of 2005 if we don't stop it. In other words if you own any animals listed within this bill and apply for a permit to keep them, IF they grant you this permit you may never breed them, you are allowed to maintain them as pets only. I live outside of the state of NY and am trying to rally everyone outside and within I can but I need you to do the same. The governor and his office will put more priority on the concerns of their residents then they will on people such as myself. Perhaps you know someone in New York who is not aware of this threat, and your help is needed to contact them about this. I urge each and every one of you to please get as active as you can. Post fliers within pets stores, get your friends to write in, call your local representatives, and contact any kind of business within the state of NY that sells reptiles or supplies. These businesses have detailed mailing list, ask them to ad a flier next time their mailer goes out. Anything you can think of to spread the word. Also please tell everyone to keep their letters professional and polite we don't want to sound like a bunch of thugs. Below are three methods to contact the Governor and oppose this bill. If you have the time I urge you to use all three methods.

This law if passed could be adopted in other states. A couple years ago NYC passed a law that banned many species of animals (reptile, mammals etc.). Last year Chicago copied and tried to pass that very same law as well. They literally copied it; Chicago deleted references to NYC and replaced them with Chicago, in a couple of spots they forgot to remove the references to NYC. So this ordinance they were trying to pass in Chicago had references to both cities within it. For the time being we stopped them there but that's just an example of how one state or city does something and the rest follow.

These laws are pushed by some folks who, though well intentioned are not cognoscente of the freedom that they are taking away from honest law abiding citizens whose animals pose absolutely no risk to anyone. Others pushing these policies are animal rights whackos that seek to remove all animals from the hands of people period. This includes domesticated animals used for food and other animal products. Make no mistake this is a direct assault on the freedoms we as Americans enjoy that are being chipped away at those who ultimately want to see a different America. An America I for one am not looking forward to living in if these people continue to have their way.

Below are several links to contact Governor Pataki to voice your concern. Please do so with a non-combative argumentative tone. The most valuable messages to the Governor will be from New York citizens. When you write please include your name and zip code as the Governor's office will want to know this information.

Here's a link to the Bill

Here's a link to email your opposition to the Governor

Snail Mail address:
Governor George E. Pataki
State Capitol
Albany, NY 12224

Use the below phone number, tell them you are calling in reference to bill A02684. You'll then be asked for you zip code, once given the person will log your vote into a computer.


Thank you for doing your part!

Jeff Ronne

The Boaphile

Thank you to Bruce Lowder of the NY Reptile Expo put together much of this information and wrote almost entirely the first two paragraphs of this email.
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