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i think the reason these pets aren't mainstream is because they only see them on nature shows eating other animals or even worse, only hear bad stories about them from various media sources. these fears they hold on to so dearly need to be extinguished. everyone who's not into them thinks of them as a hobby for 'creepy', 'scary' and 'tough' people, and the reason i think is because those are the people who couldn't care less what anyone thinks or says. good for them, but bad for us. i say if its legal where you live, desensitize people or they'll always be afraid. mention that you wouldn't be handling it if it were as evil as they think (that ALWAYS works at the store, and its true!)
n e way i think people need to be exposed to get over this society-wide fear of animals that are not as dangerous or as aggressive as they think (well some are, lol)...
Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from a religious conviction.
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