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No worries guys/gals, if we can't get the paperwork, I won't get em. I'm more interested in the hots and the rare colubrids anyway since I can get retics over here easy. No worries bout CITES since I have NO intentions of doing it illegally. SO what would you guys get if you could? I wanna make the expensive shipping worth while but I'm not quite sure what else I want to get...

Donny, I know exactly how you feel lol, I wanna get a pair of bloods also but I read they were listed under CITES 2, if I can get the permits tho, I'll get some. The cat snakes, and the vine or whip snakes is what interest me THE most! I'm dyin for a pair of boiga dendrophila melanota, and since they aren't CITES listed, it looks good!
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