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Shane thank you for all that information it was GREAT to read!!!

One added reason i use don't use tap water, we get quite a few notices in from the city that the flouride and chlorine levels are high amongst other things. Plus it taste like CRAP not water!!! LOL

I personally switched from tap (which i started out using) to bottled spring water, (i did some research on and found out they have the same requirements as tap water) so i personally switched around 1 1/2 to 2 years ago to RO water and noticed a differnce in the herps i had. They became better eaters than they had already been, i can't be 100% certain it's from the water but that's one thing i think helped.

Maybe i'm paranoid but ohwell...

I also add Electod3ize supplement by exo terra.

Their Guaranteed analysis per0.1 ml:
Vitamin D3 35 IU
Dextrose 7.5 mg
Potassium .8mg
Calcium .2 mg
Magnesium .1 mg

I have been looking for something i can to the water for all the minerals needed if anyone knows i would appreciate the info.

I personally will never switch back to tap (unless i move to a place with better water), this is just my opinion and i don't push the issue with anyone. If someone prefers tap it's fine by me, i just prefer not to use it.

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