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What you're looking for has more to do with a given species than whether it's a boa or python. Note that males are usually a fair bit smaller than females, so if size is a concern you should make sure you get a male.

A Ball Python is a commonly kept beginner python, but I would suggest that you do your research well as they are a bit tougher than corn snakes. They can go off feed easily if stressed, so you need to make sure you maintain the right conditions. Also, make sure you get a captive bred one from a reputable breeder.

Personally, if you go with a boa (boa constrictor imperator), I would avoid the more common localities, which can get quite large (10-12 feet). Hogg Island and Sonoran Desert varieties only get to around 6 feet, but are a bit more expensive and difficult to find. Cay Caulker and Cay Crawls are smaller still, but similarly more difficult to find.
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