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Originally posted by concept3
Herps are definetly becoming more and more accepted as time goes by, and i for one would never hide a herp I own, maybe one that is illegal, but other than that no one can do nothing. Call the cops, call by-law, call anyone you want they cannot do a thing, when they come to your door tell them where to go and how to get their, and not to come back without a warrant. No judge is going to give a warrant for a kid with a cornsnake or anyone else for that matter.
Can do nothing? I believe that when new legislation is brought up to ban exotics, that is doing something. I think that as much as we can be proud of our hobby and pets, we also have to learn that the majority of people are not interested in it, and would not fight for it.

So when you "tell them where to go" they may accidentally take a wrong turn and end up with a petition or bill that will not benefit you.

This is not the same thing as people fighting for their civil rights back in the day. Unfortunately, we need to be more responsible if we want to keep our privileges to keep herps, and flaunting a creature that makes *many* people uneasy is not responsible. Is that why you bought your herps anyways? To take them around and show off to people who couldn't care less if these animals were kept alive or not?

Just some thoghts on the "keep it on the down low" topic,

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