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I agree. Save one thing. It all depends on the people you are dealing with. My neighbors I dont think would mind that I have a snake, course living in Va they cant do anything about it, as I am free to keep the snake, But regardless of legal involvement, are your neighbors the type who would retaliate in their own ways, such as damaging your property, or making you life hell in other, more subtle ways? To parade or not parade the snakes would depend entirely on how much confidence you have that no one will take it upon themselves to involve the law, or take it into their own hands.

However, I still the best way to deal with such ignorant people is to educate them. As we speak my parents are dealing with the fact that I own a snake. At first, they swore they would never visit me again, but my daughter got very upset, and told them about how cool "her" snake is, and they are slowly getting over it. I say invite the old lady to your apartment for tea, and talk to her about things. Maybe she is just really freaked out by snakes and not such a mean lady. A lot of people I know are scared to death of them, and that is a pretty typical (although unwarranted) reaction.

If you want to be a crusader for the hobby- id talk about the hobby itself and the misconceptions about snakes to people, and my neighbors, whether or not I admitted I had any.

Though being proud of what you do is awesome, ya gotta give points to privacy, too. And if you live in a place where it is technically not legal for you to keep your animals, I would keep it on the DL just to be on the safe side.

Best of luck emilsmee! Hope it all works out ok for you!
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