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Basically, an albino is a genetic defect. It completely lacks melanin which is more important than many realize. So yes, UVB is VERY bad for albinos (animals and humans). This makes it particularly difficult most lizard species. In my humble opinion, those species that require UVB should never have albinos intentionally produced because you are producing an animal that is dependant on that which causes it pain and injury.

Of course, it is not only the UVB that I don't think should not be used for an albino. NO bright light source should be used, not for fear of effects to the skin, but rather the eyes. Since the snakes cannot talk, ask an albino human. You will never catch them outside during the day without sunglasses on because it is painful. So the best thing is to keep direct light off of them, such as a spot lamp or florescent blulb.

Albinos take a bit more care to keep them happy, healthy, and long lived.
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