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I do call myself a fan Kimo. I neveer did like Lalime and I am sure as hell happy he is gone. As for Hasek, I always did like him (from the first time we drove to Buffalo to see him play), and even if it turns out that he doesnt sign with us (it should be official tomorrow) I think Prusek is much better than Lalime anyways.

As for Hasek having a higher gga next season, that is hardly that stat (in my mind) that counts. The most important is save % and last year Lalime's sucked. Most goalies (considering only 19 shots on a game) would have a much lower gaa (higher save %) Hasek with over 23 shots a ggame had a higher save% and a lower gaa.

Im not saying things could happen, but get your stuff straight before posting.

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