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On the pet store inadequacy my friends brother bought an iguana years ago and asked the pet store employee many questions and thought the guy was giving him proper information to care for his new pet. 2 months later when his iguana was showing signs of being very ill he took it to the vet and found that he was not taking care of it right and from the vet he found out what he needed for the animal. After months getting his iguana back on the healthy road he went back to the pet store and gave the staff a piece of his mind on why on earth they are giving out information when they don't know what they are talking about, and how it almost cost his iguana its life. They simply responded that he should have researched it before buying it. His response was that if he is spending time talking to them before buying it and asking about its husbandry than he assumed he had done the research. If they don't know what the animals require they should refer the potential owner to a book or others with the knowledge not make stuff up. He still has his Iguana and he also has turtles wich were originally his parents when he was still a child, since he took the turtles when he moved his sister is still looking for a turtle now for her family as she grew up with them and misses them as well her son wants a snake and her DH is phobic of snakes, she figures turtles would be a compromise, and she already knows how to care for them.
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