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I think she was implying that just because you don't personally like something it doesn't mean you should prevent others from enjoying it by making a fuss. It's easy to use kids and dogs as examples because pretty well everyone has one or both. Not everyone likes dogs or children. Strange, but true. She also did not mention that her by-law source was the Government of Canada, but stated how it ( the Government of Canada) defines "exotic", also stating that if the animal is not indigenous or is not well known or often kept then it too falls under the title "exotic". I think that it is appauling that people cannot openly admit that they have reptiles for fear of the reaction of the community to which they are a part. It is a mild form of discrimination and shouldn't exist in the first place. I was talking to a lady (maybe 35-40ish) in a pet store the other day, while holding one of thier chameleons, and she asked if it was mine. I said no, but told her I had other reptiles and was a breeder. She looked at me funny and said "But you're not a biker or one of those goth people! You look normal." What the heck was I supposed to say to that? Anyways, we shouldn't have to hide it if the law says it's okay to keep what we all do.

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