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Ok, I'm upset! n e one have this happen before???

our lardlord (who thinks this is all silly as well) informed us today that some old lady saw us with one of our snakes the other day (a cornsnake) and said she's afraid to go back in her apartment and is going to call the police on us and get us removed from the building, etc, etc, etc. she's completely outraged and wants all exotic animals (including sugar gliders) banned from the building. i'd just laugh it off but there is an exotic bylaw that is very often misinterpreted as a complete ban on exotics. even the police don't know the bylaw very well. here's part of the bylaw that i think can help my case:

"6. No person shall keep or cause to be kept:
(a) any snake, reptile, insect or spider not otherwise prohibited by this by-law unless they are housed in an escape-proof enclosure;"
- my snakes, and tarantulas all have screen lids with toughclips.

and according to the Government of Canada: an "exotic animal" means an animal not indigenous to Canada and not commonly kept as a household pet in Canada.

-cornsnakes are by far the most commonly kept snake ever. gliders are commonly kept too, same with tarantulas.

need some advice, what should i do? wait it out or post some info or rant about being protected by the bylaw's shadiness. some people really need to read before opening their mouths about things they know nothing about. i don't like kids or dogs but everyones got one, and i dont complain, even when they're crying and barking.

thanks for listening

I have edited your title of your post, there is a reason certain words are blocked off for content purposes on this site and the use of "*" to make the word come out doesn't mean its allowed. Thanks, Shane.
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