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I think it's a good idea but to work, I think it would need to be for the entire country to be able to fight against by-laws and other issues relating to herps.

This would need to cooperation of many, most likely starting with the herp associations already established in Canada to start talking about it.

Most importantly IMO, we would need credited professionals in the field to bring weight to any battles that the association would undertake, i.e. herp vet, herpetologist, zoologist, someone with credited education with herps.

Such an organization I think could be very beneficial to the herping community. It certainly would be taken more seriously than just a group of hobbyist alone. It should also, eliminate local targets if it's the Country's association fighting something.

I think this idea should really be looked into. It is a grand scale project though and would need the cooperation of many to be accomplished.

Herps/exotics ownership is something that almost everywhere is trying to get banned. If it hasn't been tried and/or achieved in your area yet, I'm sure it will at some point.

Great idea BoAddict,
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