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Throwing away herps?

I have been working at a pet store for about a year now. About once a month or so somebody will bring in a herp that the don't want any more, or found, or whatever and ask me to take it. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't, but lately things are getting rediculous. in the last four days I've had three new adoptions.

1: A full grown prehensile tailed skink that was found in a dumpster and appearently very healthy. Vet said it was healthy other than some over grown nails that I will be slowly trimming.

2: A female adult veiled chameleon found in the middle of a major road. She had a suspiciously swollen leg, but got a couple shots and is improving on the antibiotics. Looks very healthy otherwise.

3. An adult female (normal) leopard gecko. Her owner didn't want her any more. She seems fine and is in quarantine.

What is going on? How can people throw these animals away? Or lose them? They aren't fast! I just don't understand. I will be bringing them to the BC show this weekend if you want to check them out.
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