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Talking Malaysian species, what would YOU get?

Hi everyone,
well a rare opportunity came up for me to get some herps from Malaysia, so what to get? I don't even know what all is native to there besides boiga dendrophila ssp, python reticulatus and a few others.

What should I get? Preferably rare species that Canada and the US doesn't see very often. It looks like I am already getting 1.1 python reticulatus, 1.1 boiga dendrophila melanota and 1.1 gonyosoma oxycephala. That is unless there is some reason I cannot get them. So could someone help me out? No CITES 1 species please, I don't have the time to beg for permits LOL. I'm also mostly into snakes and crocs but Malaysia doesn't have any crocs that I could get and properly house at the moment LOL. Also I was offered a king cobra basically free but, I think I'm gonna have to pass up on that offer.

So come on ppl, if you didn't have a mimimum order to make, what would ya get? hehe
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