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Natural...regardless of the fact if you intend to show the animal off or not, if ur lazy...u shouldn't own an animal period
How do you asscociate a simple set up w/ being lazy? Your comments make you seem quite ignorant. What your saying is since I use newspaper instead of a loose substrate that "looks" natural, I am lazy? I am willing to bet my boas could care less weather they have a nice plant in their enclosure or not. As a matter of fact, they would probably destroy anything I put in their enclosures that you would consider "natural" looking. They have climbing branches that they use occasionally, so anything more would be overkill.

As many times during the month, my snakes soil the newspaper, it is much easier to just throw it out. With loose subtrates, if you spot cleaning, you are not getting it all out. You would literally have to change all of the substrate everytime your animal deficates.

I don't know if you have any larger reptiles, but my 7ft boa urinates a ton and his crap is like a German Shepard's. I will stick to what works for me thanks!
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