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I think it was the meaning behind the question: natural or simple?

All of the animals in my signature are housed in as natural enclosures as I can provide. They are all voracious eaters, grow well, breed well, I have never had a single problem in 4 years of keeping them, they can survive going a more than two weeks without food because they are so healthy prior to, sheds are good, personalities (with the exception of my male veiled who was bought as a juvie) are very friendly, and I would think it's save to assume they feel more comfortable - hiding spots, variations in tempurature with shade and stuff, comfortable and variable basking/lounging spots, and better excersize.

I think as long as diet and other neccessary needs are met, it doesn't matter what methods you use, but in my opinion and experience, a natural setup is easier than an easy one.

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